The International Misfit

The thoughts and ideas of the unsettled settler.

Mothers Day

2023-05-14 poem Yvonne Curren

bar the rain
Soccer child away
The silence of this early start
by Japanese anime

And gifts abound
On my bed,
The ribboned red box
Gold text
Then choose, choose
The dark, velvety goodness within
Reuse wrapping, soft and silky,
A bag, and a
Golden clasp for your chestnut hair
For you, the best.

Discursive text
Women’s rights and Shakespeare
Lady MacBeth
Being more the man of all
As she cried to the spirits to unsex her
That she could do man’s deed.
Topic complete,
And now, the gift of tea.

Dark skies fall, the clock moves on
The spin of the wheels and the whir of the wind
And the bike is parked
And the child declares hunger
Exhausted and empty
And remembers that this was
Their day to fill the kitchen with scents and delights

Not to be…
She fills the room with warmth and tastes on the nose
They sit.
All glad to celebrate
Mother’s Day.